Thursday, Oct 02nd 2014
  • The real  problem of stores nowadays.

The self service store is a perfect solution to attract the biggest number of clients and to give them the opportunity to try out the product. It improves the presentation of goods and, therefore, facilitates and increases sales. But however, in parallel with all the advantages of the “self service” system, the stores suffer from a very serious problem which is costing more and more expensive every year:  the shoplifting.

For example, in 2011 the UK and Italian stores lost near 1.37% of the turnover, Spanish stores – 1.40% and German ones – 1.20% ($48.615 for Europe). The American stores lost 1.59% (near $45.321). Unfortunately, these figures are tending to increase every year! If we consider the situation in the world, the figure is $119 billion. The countries with the highest theft rate are India, Russia, Morocco, Brazil and so on.

There are 3 distribution sectors which are highly vulnerable: textile, food, electronic and electrical. They count the largest number of shoplifting. 


  • The weakness of the classical tags.

The issue of the nowadays anti-theft systems is in the accessories (anti-theft tags for cloths, leather goods, shoes, glasses and so on) that we see on the protected product. The anti-theft mechanism of these tags works too simply and it has been never improved, so today more and more people are aware about its functioning.

For instance, a simple search on Google could teach you how to remove a textile tag and how it functions. There is such an abundance of the web sites which show you pictures and videos how to open the anti-theft tag with a special detacher, magnet or hook in some seconds. In such a way anybody could find these famous detachers (even the most powerful ones), magnets or hooks which are offered by professionals and private sellers on free sale on the Internet.

As a result, the tags don’t fulfill their major role today which is mainly to protect the stores against the shoplifting. Given that the Internet facilitates the access to this information, this phenomenon will continue to increase inevitably the worldwide.


  • What are stores’ needs?

Since the problem is becoming more serious each year, large distributors and retails need a new updated anti-theft tag to fight efficiently against thefts and shoplifting. This solution should have a reasonable budget which allows them to return on investment in the short term.

In more concrete terms, the anti-theft tag which can’t be removed with the classical accessories (like a powerful detacher, magnet or hook), which is easy to use and which has an affordable price.


  • The solution : multi-polar textile Neotag

The products of the brand Neotag offer such a solution! The anti-theft Neotag’s functioning is based on the mechanism of multi-polarity which guarantees a unique protection on multiple levels.


  • The anti-theft Neotag’s advantages

Patented multi-polar mechanism:

- In comparison with the other anti-theft standard systems, the Neotag can’t be removed with a powerful detacher, magnet or hook. It could be opened only with a special Neotag detacher. 

- The Neotag detacher can also remove classical tags. It gives a great versatility to this detacher and allows you to upgrade gradually your tags.

- Unlike any other detacher with a magnet or a hook inside which is produced and distributed all over the word, the anti-theft tags and the detacher of the brand Neotag are manufactured only in our factories which rights are exclusive.  

- Each detacher has a serial number which allows to have the traceability and to protect the product against any kind of fake goods.

- The anti-theft Neotags are available in the RF and AM systems. So they are compatible with the antennas in your stores and require no change.