Neotag is the international innovative brand specializing in the manufacturing of the anti-theft products.

Since 1998 we have worked on the retail market and on the anti-theft products market in France at the same time. This experience allowed us to analyse main problems of this business domain, to put right questions and especially to find the best solutions against the shoplifting.

Once specializing in the anti-theft solutions, it took  years of researches and developments in order to create the anti-theft Neotag with its unique multipolar system lock.  This revolution in the security domain finally provides the efficient solution against shoplifting in stores causing the lost of milliards of euro and raising every year.


Today we have significantly increased our product range and our partnerships. Present on the international market, every Neotag product is patented and designed with the multipolar mechanism to ensure efficiency and unique safety.
Textile, leather goods, accessories, shoes, tools, alcohol, sport items, food and so on. Our wide anti-theft products range ensures the optimal safety and the compatibility to protect every of your item of all kinds.

Neotag permanently conducts researches and development to present you the best anti-theft  solutions always more sophisticated, better  adapted to the reality and unique in their kind. The quality and uniqueness of our products make them the must-have solutions for companies that want to protect their interest in an optimal manner.

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