The anti-theft Neotag BALT tag is the smallest one in the Neotag textile tags range. Little and aesthetic, it was designed to meet the special needs of some items in stores,  remaining very versatile.


  • Equipped with the patented Neotag multipolar mechanism, it resists to any type of magnet or even to a very powerful detacher.
  • Ensuring the optimal protection, it can be removed only with the special Neotag detacher.

  • As well as Neotag GOLF tag, its design and round edges make it difficult to force it.
  • Small and lightweight (weight is 10gr), it adapts perfectly to every collection of clothes, lingerie, shoes and accessories.



Dimension:                      32 x 19 mm

Weight:                           10.1g (RF) / 9,6g (AM)

Colour:                            Black / White

Available technologies:   RF / AM