NP10 / NP20 / NP 30


This new anti-theft tag with long and fine shape is designed to protect every kind of products, clothes, bags, underwear and so on. Its special design facilitates greatly its usage that allows to save your valuable time. With its Multipolar protection in addition, you have a comprehensive ant-theft tag that allies security, quick usage and elegance!

Le NeoPencil comes in 3 models:

  •  NP10 : easy usage with any pin
  •  NP20:  equipped with the flexible cable inserted in the tag
  •  NP30:  a clip-like design for quicker
                 and more efficient usage


  •  Made with the Multipolar security
  •  Easy and efficient in use
  •  Compatible with your antennas
  •  Very versatile models


Couleur:                               Noir
Technologies disponibles :   RF / AM